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The Aquepoxy® range of floor coatings and sealers is not just a typical Floor Paint System. Sandmar Products offer the Aquepoxy® range of attractively coloured two-pack waterborne epoxy sealers and finishes for concrete floors. Aquepoxy® finishes are used extensively as heavy duty coatings for industrial and commercial concrete floors with an outstanding service record spanning almost two decades. Competitively priced, with slip resistance certification to meet your required safety criteria and virtually zero odour during application (ideal for application at sensitive construction sites), Aquepoxy® is the specifiers' choice.
General description
A premium aqueous two-pack Epoxy coating for commercial and industrial concrete floors. High performance, cost effective alternative to seamless flooring. Supplied as a low sheen finish with a fine balance of texture and surface grip to give optimum slip resistance and cleanability.
Colours and Finishes
Range of 12 standard low sheen colours plus clear gloss. Anti-skid rating of R9 to R12 with Skidbrake additives - certification available. Two new colours – Terracotta and Mist Green.
General Advantages
Hot tyre, oil, petrol and stain resistant; hard wearing and long life expectancy; water based, solvent free and low odour; AS/NZS 4586:1999 Slip resistance certification; up to R12 safety rating with Skidbrake additives; outperforms conventional floor and paving paints.
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