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Care & Maintenance

Aquepoxy® - Care & Maintenance

aquepoxy environmentally safe concrete floor sealer
Aquepoxy® Concrete Floor Finish should provide excellent performance and service for a number of years provided the guidelines in our Aquepoxy® Concrete Floor Finish application webpage are complied with. The following suggestions regarding spills and maintenance should be followed to achieve the maximum life of the Aquepoxy® Concrete Floor Finish in service.

Exposure to Spills and Chemicals

Aquepoxy® Concrete Floor Finish generally has good chemical resistance, however we recommend that exposure to any chemicals (including acids, alkalies, solvents and oils) be minimised. Do not use concentrated caustic soda (Sodium Hydroxide) solution and avoid prolonged immersion or contact with strong detergents. Should an acid or alkali spill occur, the offending material should be neutralised immediately and then absorbed with absorbent earth or sawdust prior to appropriate disposal following local government regulations. In the case of spills of solvents, oils etc, absorption with absorbent earth or sawdust with subsequent disposal according to appropriate local government regulations.
To maintain the appearance and skid resistance characteristics of the Aquepoxy® Concrete Floor Finish we strongly recommend the floor be thoroughly washed with a mild detergent (e.g. Graffiti Blue or Sugar Soap) diluted in  water to remove any last traces of spilled material.

Slip resistance

Wash the floor surface regularly. Do not allow dust and debris to build up on the sealed concrete surface as this will downgrade slip resistance over time. Oil drops and grease should be wiped off with a clean cloth and then the surface washed with a weak solution of sugar soap or similar.

aquepoxy environmentally safe concrete floor sealer Tyre marks

Minor tyre marks can usually be removed using general detergent cleaners and even some brands of washing-up liquid diluted roughly 5:1 with water. Tyre marks caused by burnouts and severe vehicle skids are more difficult to remove due to the friction effect combined with rubber embedding into the coating surface. Use an abrasive cleaner with care and touch up with a fresh coat of Aquepoxy® Concrete Floor Finish if necessary.
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