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 Sandmar Product range

  • Aquepoxy Sealers & Floorcare products.                                    
  • Acoustic & Fire rated construction sealants.
  • Acrylic Joint Sealants for tilt-up construction.
  • Coloured caulks and Gapfillers.
  • Construction adhesives.
  • Graffiti 2000 / Applied finishes.


Aquepoxy Sealers & Associated products.
A premium aqueous two-pack Epoxy coating system for commercial and industrial concrete floors. High performance, cost effective alternative to seamless flooring. Supplied as a low sheen finish with a fine balance of texture and surface grip to give optimum slip resistance and cleanability. 
Acoustic & Fire rated construction sealants.
A one-component acrylic fire-rated sealants, tested and certified for up to 4 hours when tested to AS1530.part 4.  Complies with the requirements of AS4072.1 and BS476.20. Used for sealing interior and vertical exterior expansion joints up to 50mm wide which are subject to moderate cyclic movement. Ideal for sealing expansion joints in tilt-up construction, sealing fire door frames and service penetrations (in conjunction with Pyropanel fire collars). Also used extensively for dry wall partitioning as an acoustic sealant tested and approved to obtain a rating in excess of STC 55 to meet Section G6 of the NZ Building code for intertenancy walls. Click here for Premium-flex Fyreseal Construction Sealant datasheet.
Acrylic Joint Sealants for tilt-up construction.
A flexible and lower cost version of our fire rated sealant but without fire and acoustic certification. Used as a general purpose joint sealant mainly in tilt-up and flooring applications. Can be supplied in 600ml sausage or plastic pails.
Coloured caulks and Gapfillers.
A range of water-based coloured caulk and  gapfillers designed specifically for the retail market and supplied in 300ml cartridges. This range is characterized by high solids / low shrink, ease of application / tooling properties together with easy washup with water and low cost.
Construction adhesives.
This range includes a water-based adhesive supplied as a non-sag gunable paste in cartridge and sachet packaging. Used mainly in dry wall /  plasterboard construction as a stud adhesive and flooring applications Also suitable for bonding Particleboard, MDF, Fibre cement board, Polystyrene foam, Concrete blockwork, Plywood and most timber products, provided that at least one surface is porous / absorbent to allow for release of the water content. Other sealant / adhesives are supplied for specialized applications include duct sealant and ceramic tile adhesives etc.
Graffiti 2000 / Applied finishes.
Graffiti 2000 is a non-sacrificial protective coating system that allows for easy and repeated removal of graffiti, even from rough or textured surfaces using low cost water based cleaning agents which are classified as non-hazardous according to Safe Work Australia criteria. This means no mess, no harmful solvents and no damage to the original surface or surrounding landscape. Sandmar launched this innovative system in 1990 and there are still many examples of the durable performance this system provides dating back to those early days.
Sandmar Products is no longer involved in this market, and sold the business to Technicoat International who are supplying products under the Graffiti Guard name for use as the protective component in Applied Finish systems and various other construction elements.
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